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December 03.2019
5 Minutes Read

Your Next Call Might Be Your Best Call

Previously I wrote a blog about how I made $7K in just four hours, but now here is the rest of the story. Years ago I worked as a sales rep for a local yellow pages company. It was my first foray into selling and if I do say so myself, I was doing somewhat ok. I was making sales and earning money. I had two things going for me, I had a strong drive to succeed, (so I read books on selling and applied that knowledge) and I had a great boss that worked with me and helped me to develop my selling skills. 

 On the last day of our campaign, I was just a little short of making bonus. It was a Friday and I had given it my all for the length of the campaign, (approximately 6 months) and decided that I would keep my nose to the grindstone through the morning as best I could and then probably not work that hard in the afternoon and maybe take off an hour early or so and enjoy my weekend. (This was about as lazy as I ever got). 

 Even under those circumstances I set a goal for myself that morning. I had picked up a real estate book off the giveaway shelf in the local Safeway, you know, the kind that list homes for sale and shows pictures and bios of the real estate agents inside. Real estate agents were not a great market for the yellow pages, but some of them sometimes would come across big.  I told myself that I would call every agent in the book (probably about 50 calls) and if I didn’t make a sale out of it, I would probably call it a day. After about three straight hours of calling and getting nothing but grumpy hang-ups, my will was weak and my stomach was growling. The battery on my phone didn’t last more than a few hours, and since I was using it heavily, I had to stay in my car an keep it plugged in to keep it charged. 

Can you picture me, parked in an industry parking lot, little book in my hand, sitting in the driver’s seat of my car dialing numbers and listening to “NOs” for three hours straight. Trust me I was ready to give up and call it a day. I decided to make one more phone call before going to lunch. Just one. Well, as you can probably guess, it hit and it hit big. You can read about that adventure here, but that’s not the point of this blog. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-half-hour-could-change-your-life-maybe-bring-you-full-max-martin/

The point of this story is discipline, goals and pushing yourself. No matter what job you do or what company you run, YOU must be the strongest person in your business world. YOU must set goals, YOU must apply self-discipline, and YOU must be willing to push yourself. Make one more call, send out one more video, write up one more proposal, do what t takes to make yourself successful. If you run a company and set this example and instill this mind set in your employees your rewards will be ten-fold.



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