Park Place East Resort

Park Place East Resort was having trouble filling their seasonal RV rental spots and also wanted to get the word out about the many year-round mobile homes they had for sale on the lot.  They reached out to Meteor Marketing.  The first thing we look at was how they currently booked rental slots and what the conversation sounded like when customers gave them a call.  They explained that they were constantly answering the same three or four question over and over.  Questions about facilities, slot sizes, amperage for hookups, etc.  We took the burden off the office manger and put it on the website. The next action we took was to add a reservations form directly on the website.  These tow changes made their entire staff more productive.  Instead of spending time on the phone answering questions and  writing down details, they were booking reservations and making calls to confirm the bookings.   As for the second task, we added a separate sales page to the site displaying all of the current mobile homes for sale along with a picture gallery of each home and a write up of the most pertinent details of each.  The results, we’ll let Judy the Park Manager answer that question: “All other (mobile homes) have been sold due largely to your website.”

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Park Place Mobile Home Park and Mobile Home Sales