About Us

We launched Meteor Marketing in 2009 and since then we never looked back. With both a strong technical background (IT management) and strong marketing background (yellow pages and other print media), the founder , Max Martin, initially we started out creating a website to help his sister market here yoga videos.  Applying the same techniques he learned from creating the original website he went on to create websites to help “mom and pop” companies get off the ground and get noticed on the internet.  Having built a successful company

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by helping other small companies become successful, Max knew it was time to take the next step.  Thee Meteor Marketing (at that time still call FlatRateSites) gained their adwords certification and became a google Partner.  With this new tool in their tool belt Meteor Marketing grew their business even more.  Now Meteor Marketing handles just about every facet of online digital marketing to include, website design, website development, google Adwords Campaigns, social marketing campaigns, on-page SEO, off-age SEO and more.    website design Today, with all of those

skills under out belt, we focus on creating new websites, bringing dead websites back to life and turning our client’s websites into selling machines.

Web development, digital marketing, online marketing